Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Break

Hang tight!
After 3 years and over 1,100 featured critters, Animal A Day is taking its very first break.

As some of you may know, I am the only person who does the writing and updating for the site. With weddings (including my own), vacations, and home renovations time is going to be short and a good internet connection is going to be spotty.

I'll be back full swing this August though, with a redone site and all new animal features, so don't go anywhere!

And in the mean time, continue to follow AaD on Facebook and Pinterest-- I'll be making updates there, and sharing lots of great new animal stories and pictures.

Thank you for three awesome years, I'll be back very soon!



  1. Enjoy your holiday.
    And congratulations!

  2. Have fun this Summer and we'll be waiting patiently. Thank you for teaching us animal lovers about so many animals (even the ones we never knew about!)

  3. Intersting articles, post, have a nice day summer,


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