Saturday, May 11, 2013


The Birman is a breed of cat that should not be confused with the Burmese (which has a similar name) or the Siamese (which has similar coloration). These cats are a breed all their own, and have been recognized as such since 1925.

Birman Cats have a history that is shrouded in mystery and legend. No one is 100% sure of their true origins, but one common belief is that they came from Burma (the French name is Bimanie) and were originally kept by temple priests. They eventually made their way to France, either as gifts or through smuggling, but by World War II they were almost completely wiped out. Only two cats remained, and the breed was rebuilt using their offspring and by outcrossing to Persian and Siamese cats.

Birmans have medium-long hair that is pale all over the body, with dark points on the faces and feet (called colorpoint). Interestingly, Birmans are one of the few cat breeds that are colorpoint... except for their feet. Though their legs grow dark in color, their toes are white. Birman kittens are born white, and start to develop color around 1 week old.

Personality-wise, Birmans are quiet, but like attention. They tend to follow their owners around are are quite social.They are both calm and playful, and are a good breed choice for those who have small children or other pets

Status : Domesticated
Location : France, Burma?
Size : Weight up to 12lbs (5.5kg)
Classification : Phylum : Chordata -- Class : Mammalia -- Order : Carnivora
Family : Felidae -- Genus : Felis -- Species : F. catus
Image : D.Maillard

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