Saturday, April 14, 2012

Some Delightful Changes...

Did you know that the Caribbean
Flamingo was the 14th animal
that I ever wrote about?
For those that keep track, Animal A Day is less than two weeks away from it's 2 Year Anniversary. That's over 700 animals!

In celebration I've been making some updates to the different pages.

  • "About" was finally updated, which was long overdue. I finished graduate school almost a year ago :/
  • "Glossary" got a really wonderful and much needed overhaul. There are a couple dozen new terms, as well as pictures. Who doesn't like a Picture Dictionary?
  • "Bibliography" is now "Books & Movies" and I'll be adding in some new entries to that section soon.
  • "Follow" and "Suggestions" also got little tweaks... nothing major.

More changes coming up in the near future, as well as another Theme Week!


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