Monday, April 16, 2012

Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur

Lepilemur sahamalazensis
It amazes me sometimes that we are still only just discovering new species. And not just tiny little frogs and insects, but 2ft long Primates as well! Today animal, the Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur, was described for the first time in 2006! And it wasn't the only Lemur recently uncovered in the forests of Madagascar, it was actually one of fifteen!

The name of today's animal comes from the Sahamalaza Peninsula, the location in northwestern Madagascar where they live. Scientists aren't sure of their exact range and population size, but the Lemurs appear to be restricted to a small area and number somewhere in the low thousands. Observation has shown that they live alone or in pairs, and live a nocturnal lifestyle.

Like many Lemurs, the Sahamalaza Sportives are under pressure from hunting and habitat loss. They are particularly easy target for humans who want to do them harm, as they sleep in tree holes during the daytime and are relatively defenseless. Currently they are Data Deficient by the IUCN, but other agencies (including the Association EuropĂ©enne pour l’Etude et la Conservation des LĂ©muriens) are working to put protections in place for the species.

IUCN Status : Data Deficient
Location : Madagascar
Size : Length up to 21in (54cm)
Classification : Phylum : Chordata -- Class : Mammalia -- Order : Primates
Family : Lepilemuridae -- Genus : Lepilemur -- Species : L. sahamalazensis


  1. Such a cute and charming animal! It is really interesting to learn some curious facts about different animals every day. Great blog!


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