Thursday, February 13, 2014

Common Duiker

Sylvicapra grimmia
The Common Duiker is a species of antelope native to Africa. They are sometimes also referred to as Grey Duikers because of their grey-brown coats.

Common Duikers are small, standing less than 2ft tall at the shoulder. They are found in most of southern Africa, preferring grassland habitats.

Socially, these antelope typically live alone, though sometimes they travel in pairs. Males are very territorial, and will attack any other male who comes within his land tract. Breeding

Common Duikers are nocturnal, doing most of their feeding between the dusk and dawn hours, and then resting in tall grasses during the day. They consume different seeds, grasses, leaves, and fruits. Amazingly, they will occasionally eat other animals as well! Insects, frogs, and even small birds and mammals have been eaten by Duikers!

The name "Common Duiker" really does suit them, as they are one of the most successful members of the Bovidae family in Africa. They have a huge range and a large population size.

IUCN Status : Least Concern
Location : Africa
Size : Height up to 20in (50cm), Weight up to 55lbs (25kg)
Classification : Phylum : Chordata -- Class : Mammalia -- Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae -- Genus : Sylvicapra -- Species : S. grimmia
Image : Ton Rulkins

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