Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nandi Bear

Nandi Bear?
Asia and North America have Bigfoots and Yetis. Africa has the Nandi Bears-- cryptids that have been "sighted" for well over 100 years. The first Western sighting was reported in 1912, but native accounts date back even further.

Nandi Bears are named for the Nandi People of western Africa, who believe that the Bears take human lives in order to eat their brains. In fact, brains seem to be their favorite meal, as they are said to wipe out entire livestock herds for just the brains.

These creatures are generally described as being about 4ft tall at the shoulder, with higher front shoulders and powerful legs. The faces tend to be bear-like, but interestingly, Bears are not found on the continent of Africa.

So if it is real, what is the Nandi Bear? Is it really a lost African Bear species (making it very unique), or is it something else? One theory is that these creatures are actually relatives to Hyenas, since there were once very large Hyenas roaming about Africa. Another  is that they are exceptionally large Babboons. Additionally, some think they make even be descendants of the extinct Chalicotherium, a large herbivore that walked on its knuckles.

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