Thursday, December 27, 2012


Normally when one thinks of prehistoric sharks, they imagine gigantic sea dwelling monsters like Megalodon-- huge beasts with jaws the size of human beings that could devour anything and everything.

Today's animal breaks that stereotype. Lissodus was an entire genus of Sharks that lived on this planet for over 100 million years, spanning from the Triassic into the late cretaceous. They swam not in the oceans, but in fresh water, and their fossils have been found all over the world. So far there have been ten different species identified.

Other differences between these sharks and their giant counsins? Lissodus was tiny. Especially compared to some of the super sharks. These guys measured only 6in long! They also had very interesting teeth, which they used for a specialized diet. Lissodus had flat teeth that allowed it to crush and eat clams.

Status : Extinct for 100 million years
Location : Worldwide
Size : Length up to 6in (14cm)
Classification : Phylum : Chordata -- Class : Chondrichthyes -- Order : † Hybodontiformes
Family : Lonchidiidae -- Genus : Lissodus

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