Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dwarf Lanternshark

Etmopterus perryi
The 25th Annual Shark Week starts today, so obviously we need to learn about a Shark! Sharks have been very popular on Animal A Day, and we've learned about loads of them in the past (a full list can be found here). But we haven't yet talked about the smallest of all the sharks-- the Dwarf Lanternshark.

Dwarf Lantersharks reach mature lengths of around 7in, and pregnant females can grow a small bit larger, topping out around 8in. They are an ovoviviparous species, and give birth to 2-3 pups at a time.

Not only are these Sharks very small, but they are also quite mysterious. They have only been found in a small section of the Caribbean, off the coat of Colombia and Venezuela. They swim at depths of between 900-1,400ft (274-426m), and are rarely caught or observed.

So little is known about the biology and population size of these tiny sharks that they are listed as "Data Deficient." They have no economic value in the fishing industry and there are no conservation measures being taken.

So unfortunately there isn't a whole plethora of information out there regarding this particular shark, but that's isn't all that surprising considering its small size and tiny range. Stay tuned for a few more sharks during the rest of the week!

IUCN Status : Data Deficient
Location : Caribbean
Size : Length up to 7in (18cm)
Classification : Phylum : Chordata -- Class : Chondrichthyes -- Order : Squaliformes
Family : Etmopteridae -- Genus : Etmopterus -- Species : E. perryi


  1. The picture makes them look very prehistoric. I love the mystery behind them though. Never knew there were sharks that are so small!

  2. Great posting! I got to know lots of information about this species and yes the pic look like the species is no long lasted now.

    1. Anybody know where I can buy one?


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