Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tithonus Birdwing

Male Tithonus Birdwing

The male Tithonus Birdwing is a stunning green butterfly found in Southeast Asia and Australia. Females are also pretty good looking, with a bold pattern of black, white, and yellow. They also happen to be larger than their male counterparts, which is already pretty big. Tithonus Birdwings can have wingspans that measure almost 8 inches!

As adults, they breed in the forest valleys, but they tend to do much of their actual courtship and mating higher up on the ridges.

Tithonus Birdwings are prized by collectors for their size and beauty. Many of the Birdwing Butterflies are threatened or endangered. The data behind the Tithonus Birdwing is deficient according to the IUCN, but they are protected under CITES Appendix II.

IUCN Status : Data Deficient
Location : Australia and South East Asia
Size : Wingspan up to 7.5in (19cm)
Classification : Phylum : Arthropoda -- Class : Insecta -- Order : Lepidoptera
Family : Papilionidae -- Genus : Ornithoptera -- Species : O. tithonus

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