Friday, July 8, 2011

Googly-Eyed Glass Squid

Teuthowenia pellucida
Sometimes, when I don't have any suggestions lined up, I start doing Google searches for weird animal names, just to see if they exist. Apparently there is no such thing as a  "Pumpkin Squid," but that near-futile effort did lead me to todays animal, the awesomely named Googly-Eyed Glass Squid.

There are about 60 different species of Glass Squid, all found within the Cranchiidae family. They can be found in oceans worldwide, and most share the common characteristic of having transparent bodies.

The Googly-Eyed Glass Squid is no exception to this. Their small bodies (females are slightly larger than males) are transparent, and they posses very large eyes which give them their common name. They live in the deep oceans, around 7,500ft (2300m) down.

Googly-Eyed Glass Squids have photophores on their tentacles and eyes that allow them to be bioluminescent. They also have the interesting ability to puff themselves up, making them seem much larger to predators.

IUCN Status :  Not Listed
Location : Southern Oceans
Size : Body length up to 8in (~200mm)
Classification : Phylum : Mollusca -- Class : Cephalopod -- Order : Teuthida
Family : Cranchiidae -- Genus : Teuthowenia -- Species : T. pellucida


  1. can you maybe make your reports bigger?

  2. how does salinity affect it?

  3. READ THIS AND HELP ME PLEASE!March 20, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    I have a project that's due tomorrow and I need to know more about this animals body parts and where they are. It seems like no one has a picture of this animal with its body parts listed. Please help me! I'm desperate. :D

    1. I dont have any specific anatomical diagrams of these guys, but I would venture a guess that it would be similar to one of most other squid species. But with transparent skin of course. Doing a Google search for "squid anatomy diagram" came up with lots of hits.

  4. what does the glass squid eat?

  5. I have a marine science project due and i was just wandering what the life cycle of these guys where? Would help heaps

  6. Hi there i am doing a school project on this animal. i think you should add a little more interesting facts and this website will be great.

  7. I think this was great! it gave me a great idea of what this awesome animal is and really inspired me on how to do my class project. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this website!!! and these animals are AWESOME


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