Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I took a trip over to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium this past weekend. Partially to hang out with some sweet Lungfish (I love you Granddad), partially to check out how big Nunavik the baby Beluga is getting, and partially to hit up their current special exhibit: Jellies!

Jellies explores the strange and amazing world of Jellyfish, fascinating little creatures with no bones or brains. The exhibit highlights around a dozen Jellyfish species, while also providing information about how the eat, move, reproduce, and fit in with the ocean ecosystems.

The Jellyfish themselves are breathtakingly beautiful, especially the various Sea Nettles. Other species, including the Moon Jellies and Upside-down Jellies, make the exhibit visually stunning, especially when combined with colorfully decorated aquariums.

Jellies is on exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium until May 28th, 2012.

And if you live near the Chicago area and love aquariums, I'd recommend getting a one year membership. Not only does it pay for itself after two visits, but you get to skip the excruciatingly long line to get in!

More pictures after the jump!

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