Friday, January 14, 2011

Gray Fox

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Phylum : Chordata
Class : Mammalia
Order : Carnivora
Family : Canidae
Genus : Urocyon
Species: cinereoargenteus

Length : 30-45in (76-114cm)
Weight : 8-15lbs (3.6-6.8kg)

IUCN Status : Least Concern

The Gray Fox is a small canine found throughout North America, Central America, and parts of Venezuela and Colombia. They are most commonly found in deciduous woodland habitats.

Gray Foxes have the really neat distinction of being the only canine capable of climbing trees.They have hooked claws that let them accomplish this task, and do so in order to escape predators and also to search for food. Gray Foxes are omnivores that primarily eat birds and small mammals, but they will also forage for fruits.
(Image Source)

Gray foxes are nocturnal and crepuscular, spending their days in days that are often hollow trees. They are solitary throughout the winter, but during the early Spring breeding season males and females come together to mate. The average little size is about four kits, and both parents will feed and raise them until they are about six months old and able to make it on their own in Autumn. The family then disperses.

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