Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amazon Horned Frog

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Amazon Horned Frogs are a very large species of frog native to the Amazon Rain Forest that can grow to lengths of up to eight inches. On top of that, they have very round, large bodies that are obtained by having voracious appetites. They will eat just about anything that is smaller than them in size, which includes quite a few different species including their own. Their taste is so indiscriminate that they will sometimes try and eat things that are simply too large to swallow, causing them to unfortunately choke and die.

Amazon Horned Frogs (Ceratophrys cornuta) do their hunting by literally burying burying themselves into the substrate on the forest floor, leaving only their head out. They are then able to ambush any prey that strolls on by. The coloration of the Horned Frog helps to camouflage them, and it is believed that their "horns" also aid to disguise them among the leaves. Amazon Horned Frogs are also extremely territorial.

Females are slightly larger than the males, though it is the male that initiates mating through a series of calls. Over 1,000 eggs are laid at a tine, wound around underwater plants. They are then left completely alone to hatch and grow up.

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