Monday, September 13, 2010

American Robin

The American Robin can be found all over North America, and is an extremely common bird. They are also teh state bird of three US States! They live in a wide variety of habitats from tundras to farm fields.  They are larger songbirds, with wingspans of up to 16in. Robins have very characteristic coloration, with both the males and females being brownish-black and sporting a reddish-orange breast. Females are slightly duller in color than the males.

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Robins also have very colorful eggs! After partnering up for each breeding season, females robins lay several clutches of 3-5 blue eggs. Both her and her mate will take care of the new chicks until they fledge and a new brood is born. Sadly, only 25% of all robins will make it to their first winter. Most Robin populations are migratory, and they are diurnal birds.

American Robins are omnivores. They consume a wide variety of fruits and insects. They are commonly seen eating worms (hence the phrase). Unfortunately, pesticides and other chemicals have been affecting the Robins, and their numbers have been declining over the past forty years. Robin eggs, young, and adults are preyed upon by many other animals, including squirrels, hawks, cats, and snakes.

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