Wednesday, August 18, 2010


By popular request, I present the Blobfish, one of the strangest looking creatures of the sea. Psychrolutes marcidus lives off of the coast of Australia and Tasmania at depths of over 800m. The water pressure at that depth is nearly 80 times that of at the surface. They grow to about a foot in length.

Image from Telegraph / CATERS
Blobfish are rather interesting because they are made up entirely of a gelatinous goo. This goo effectively replaces their missing swim bladder by keeping them from sinking, as the goo is less dense then the water at those depths. The also have no muscles. Heck, the barely move. Blobfish remain in one place, suspended and floating and waiting for their next meal, which is comprised of pretty much any floating matter that moves by them.

The most striking feature of this fish is of course its face. It's almost human like in appearance! In other interesting Blobfish facts, the females will actually protect their eggs before they hatch, often doing so in large groups. 

Sadly, the Blobfish has become a victim to deep sea trawling, nets that scrape the bottom of the sea. Scientists fear that it will go extinct in their native habitat.


  1. YUCK. This is the ugliest post you've done so far.

  2. hii :) his name is bob like for reals :)


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