Favorite Facts

Did You Know?
  • That Shrews are not rodents? 
  • That Humans have one hair per follicle, but Short-Tailed Chinchillas have up to 100?
  • That the Steller's Sea Cow went extinct only 27 years after it was discovered?
  • That according to tradition, at least six Ravens must be kept at the Tower of London, otherwise the monarchy will fall?
  • That the two largest species of shark eat mostly tiny plankton?
  • That the now-extinct Caribbean Monk Seal was first described by Christopher Columbus? And that he ordered his crew to kill and butcher eight of them for food?
  • That the Nene, or Hawaiian Goose, evolved from the same common ancestor as the Canadian Goose?
  • That Fainting Goats don't actually faint?
  • That the 150lbs Cabybara is considered to be a fish by the Catholic Church in Venezuela?
  • That the creation of Ligers is frowned upon?
  • That a Hector's Dolphin could fit in your bathtub?
  • That European Starlings came to a America because of an avid Shakespeare fan?
  • That Pronghorns are not closely related to any other Antelope?
  • That there once lived a 1,500lb Guinea Pig?
  • That high levels of Oxygen allowed for gigantic insects to exist 300 million years go?
  • That a Lungfish named Granddad has been living at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium since 1933?
  • That Bowhead Whales might be able to live for 200 years or more?
  • That Turacos are the only birds with true Green and Red Pigmentation?
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